Martie Erwin Maguire

"We're hoping to do things by example,
not by some sort of motto of some big philosophical statement.
Our music and what we do, touring and running our own company,
hopefully inspires young girls to go out and do whatever they want to do."

Born: October 12, 1969
Hometown: Dallas, Texas
Marital Status: Married to Gareth Maguire 8/10/01
Children: Eva Ruth & Kathleen Emilie (twins, born 4/27/04)
Instruments: Fiddle, Mandolin
Favorite Chicks Song: Sin Wagon
Favorite Performers: Patty Griffin, Jason Sellers
Influences: Tim O'Brien, Mark O'Connor, Eddy Stubbs, Sam Bush, Joe Venuti, Alison Krauss

Martie began her musical career with classical violin lessons at age 5, then progressed to fiddle at age 12. Before forming the Dixie Chicks in 1989, Martie played for six years in the Blue Night Express teen bluegrass band with Emily.
Just recently (October 2000), Martie received a "Songwriter of the Year" award from BMI for writing "Cowboy Take Me Away," "Ready To Run" and "You Were Mine". Martie wrote "Cowboy Take Me Away" in honor of Emily's 1999 marriage to Charlie Robison.

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