Emily Erwin Robison

"We used to get some flak for calling ourselves chicks,
but we've come full circle, and women can call themselves anything they want.
I think we're symbolic of that strength, that women can do anything,
call their own shots, play their own instruments…we're breaking stereotypes."

Born: August 16, 1972
Hometown: Dallas, Texas
Marital Status: Married to Charlie Robison (5/1/99)
Children: Augustus Charles 11/02 ("Gus")
Pets: Buddy, a dog
Instruments: dobro, banjo, guitar, acoustic bass, accordion
Favorite Chicks Song: Cowboy Take Me Away
Favorite Performers: Faith Hill, Sheryl Crow, Jackson Brown
Influences: Bela Fleck, Emmylou Harris, Glen Campbell, Jerry Douglass, Dolly Parton, Boston, Merle Haggard, Shawn Colvin

Emily started out at age 7 playing the violin, switched to banjo at age 10, with dobro and mandolin to follow. She is learning to play the accordion this year after receiving one as a Christmas gift. Emily made an attempt at Hee Haw fame as a banjo player, but failed to get the part. "You Were Mine", the only song written by the Chicks on Wide Open Spaces, was written mostly by Emily; Martie wrote the bridge.

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